Our Staff


Cornerstone Montessori School is constituted as a non-profit society under the Society Act of British Columbia.

Cornerstone School is a “class 1”, secular, co-educational school, fully accredited by the Ministry of Education of British Columbia.

The Society operates under the direction of a Board of Governors.



Cornerstone School teachers are selected for their teaching skills, as well as, their character, integrity and passion for teaching.

Cornerstone School teachers are qualified as required by the laws of the Province of British Columbia and the requirements of the Ministry of Education.

Teachers are committed to the school’s mission and core values. They are dedicated to providing an excellent learning environment for all students. They pride themselves in not only focusing on the academic achievements, but also in addressing the emotional needs of every child. Cornerstone teachers are caring and nurturing.

The staff at Cornerstone School work as a team and are committed to a set of core values, beliefs, and priorities:

  • the physical and emotional safety of each and every child
  • academic excellence –ensuring that each child is being challenged at their own level and working to their personal maximum potential
  • grace and courtesy – mutual respect between students and between students and teachers, as well as, using good manners on a regular basis
  • positive learning environment –teachers and staff believe that learning occurs best in a positive and comfortable environment
  • creative, dynamic curriculum –Cornerstone School is well known for teaching curriculum above and beyond the basic expectations set out by the British Columbia Department of Education. Our teachers enjoy “livening up” the curriculum by incorporating hands-on activities, inviting guest speakers, arranging educational field trips, and encouraging our students to “think outside the box”



Rita Gausman Chief Administrator & Head of Primary Campus
Jessica Sandercock Head of Intermediate Campus
Karen Friesen Administrative Assistant
Josie DiNicoló Administrative Assistant
Preschool (Temporarily not offered)
Primary Campus Ms. Rebecca, Ms. Kathryn, Ms. Nicole, Mr. Tanner, Ms. Michelle, Ms. Raquel, Ms. Raj
Intermediate Campus Ms. Jessi Mr. Jordan, Mr. Michael, Mr. Brad