Welcome Message

Welcome to Cornerstone Montessori School.  Cornerstone School is an independent school offering the highest standards of education in both our Elementary and Preschool Programs.  Students learn in a safe and caring school environment.  Teachers are committed to providing superior education for all students.  Every child is cared for and treated as an individual.

 Cornerstone School is rooted in Montessori philosophy.  A wide array of hands-on Montessori Materials assists students with the learning process.  Class sizes are small, allowing teachers to meet the individual learning needs of each child.  We believe that children should enjoy school, be intellectually stimulated, experience positive social interaction, and have a positive relationship with their teachers.  Developing strong work habits and building important life skills are an integral part of the education process.

 We invite parents who wish to pursue a quality education for their child to contact the school for a personal tour.